New Dekardi Siege War


  Server Time
A Day of The Week Wednesday
Start of Application Time 6:30 PM
End of Application Time 9:50 PM
Invalid Move to Other Zone 9:55 PM
The Siege War Start 10:00 PM
The Siege War End 10:30 PM

  • Dekardi Siege War hold on every Wednesday 10:00 PM.
  • If there is shortage of participating member, the siege war will be canceled.
  • If the central statue is defeated within 30min, the siege war will be finished at the time.

How to Join

You must be over Lv150.
Please apply to NPC "Monster" in 6:30 - 9:50 PM on Wednesday.
(You have only to click the NPC once. He is nearly south gate in Lost Realm Castle. )


Before 5 min of start the siege war, you will be not able to move to other map.
Then the central statue appear at central of the castle and turrets appear four cardinal points.
You must be in the castle by before 5 min.


When the siege start, non-application characters will became observer mode automatically.

If there is shortage of participate member, the siege war will be canceled.

Process of The Siege War


When the siege start, The participating members will separate to Red Team or Blue Team.

After the siege start,
Member of Red team will move their respawn point where West outside the castle.
Member of Blue team will move their respawn point where East outside the castle.
If you died by PK your character respawn there.

  • You have to break 2 opponent team's turrets, and you have to guard your team's turrets at the same time.
  • Red team have to break the turrets of East and South.
  • Blue team have to break the turrets of West and North.
(If your team didn't break 2 opponent team's turrets, you cannot attack the central statue. )
  • Finally you have to break the central statue, then you can get many points to win.

When you attack the central statue and turrets, attacking power isn't related to damage.
It's related to frequency of attack only.

  • When the siege war end (after 30 min or broken the central statue), The Winner is the team have many points than opponent team.

  • If you kill opponent team member outside the castle, you cannot get points.

Action Gain Points
Kill a member of opponent team in the castle 2
Break a turret of opponent team 500
Break the Central Statue 500


*You can use warehouse NPC during the siege war.


If you participate the siege war from start to end you can get "Rush Potion Gift Box" at Caru of Event Trade in Lost Realm Castle.

Winner Team : Rush Potion Gift Box x2
Loser Team or Draw : Rush Potion Gift Box x1
( In addition, last attacker of Central Statue can get Rush Potion Gift Box x1 )


"Rush Potion Gift Box" can be exchange at NPC Bunnygirl in Laglamia.
1 Rush Potion Gift Box will be exchanged 1-4 Rush Potion.

If you did AFK from after application until the siege end, you can get reward.
However, when the siege start you will warp to outside the castle automatically.
Now if you use this Rush Potion of the Reward and move to other zone, these buff effect will be disappeared.


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